3D and 4D BIM Modeling

ORION is an International design and engineering company that provides 3D and 4D BIM Modeling with unique and timeless solutions for a globalized environment.

If you’re looking to improve your architectural design skills or build a stronger structural foundation for your buildings, you’ll need to use a BIM model. A BIM model is an accurate 3D representation of a building’s architecture, structural, MEP and HVAC elements, so you can make sure your designs are realistic and functional. At our firm, we can develop accurate BIM models of your building design at competitive prices. This way, you can be sure your designs will meet all the necessary requirements and be able to withstand the test of time.

We carefully design our BIM models to the needs of the customer, including data and fabrication level details. We can construct a model based on the BIM output that is necessary.

 We offer BIM modeling services for the following;